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Christian EconomicsI am starting a discussion group and magazine looking at economic and social questions from a Christian point of view.  I will be posting each issue here, so you can read it online.
New in Sept.  2005
Robert Barclay.  1710. Apologia de la Verdadera Theologia Christiana. the Apology for the True Christian Divinity translated into Spanish by Antonio de Alvarado.  (not yet printed, but I am posting parts of it online as I work.)  Read it online.

New Rel
26.  Ambrose Rigge.
1660.  To the Whole Flock of God Everywhere.  8 p. $0.30.
27.  George Keith.
1674.  The Woman-Preacher of Samaria; A Better Preacher, and more Sufficiently Qualified to Preach than any of the Men-Preachers of the Man-made-Ministry in these Three Nations.  25 p. $1.30.
28.  Samuel Fisher.
1656.  The Burden of the Word of the Lord, as it was Declared in Part:  And as it lay upon me from the Lord on the Nineteenth Day of the Fourth Moneth, 1656. to declare it more fully by Word of Mouth (but that I was then interrupted) to the Multitude of People of several sorts then met at Lidd, from several Parts, to the burial of Elimur Bate, after the Corps was put into the Ground, & before any of that Service, which was then done by others at the appointment and Will of Man, was at all begun.  4 p. $0.15.
29.  Samuel Fisher.
1656.  The Scorned Quakers True and Honest Account, both why and What he should have spoken (as to the sum and substance thereof) by Commission from God, but that he had not permission from Men, in the Painted Chamber on the 17th. day of the 7th. month 1656. before the Protector and the Parliament then, and there met together, with many more of no mean account, who were not of them, yet were then crowded in among them.  40 p. $1.75.
30.  James Parnell.
1656.  A Triall of Faith, wherein is discovered the ground of the Faith of the Hypocrite, which perisheth, and the Faith of the Saints, which is founded upon the everlasting Rock, so all may see what their Faith is, and what they trust to.  8 p. $0.30.
31.  James P
arnell.  Christ Exalted into His Throne, and the Scripture owned in its place.  12 p. $0.50.
32.  Tract Association of Friends.
1886.  On Ministry.  8 p. $0.30.  Read it online
33.  Tract Assoc
iation.  On Prayer.  8 p. $0.30.  Read it online
34.  Tract Association.
1886.  On Worship.  12 p. $0.50.  Read it online
35.  Tract Assoc
iation.  Fruits of the Spirit. 
2 p.
$0.08. Read it online
36.  Edward Bu
rrough.  The Everlasting Gospel of Repentance and Forgiveness of Sins; Held Forth and Declared to the Inhabitants of the Earth, That they may Turn and be Converted to the Living God, lest they perish in the Day of Vengeance, which is near at hand.  33 p.  $1.45
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